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Audio MusiKraft First Series Step-up Transformer

Model: SUT

The Audio MusiKraft First Series Step-up Transformer is exclusively designed for low output moving coil cartridges like the Denon 103 or 103R types or similar ones having between 10 and 50 Ohms of impedance, and needing around 20dB of gain. For our step-up, we chose a minimalist and compact approach to carefully maintain the signal as pure as possible. Its most significant sonic benefits are; utmost transparency and an exceedingly large bandwidth at both ends.

Thanks to its compact case size, its extremely short internal wiring and unobtrusive configuration, it is capable of outstanding immunization to any ambient induced interference (EMI and RFI) therefore freeing the music from background noise.

The rear ground switch typically allows three judicious selections in the event to minimize the presence of noise while used in stereo or mono, and at all moments the mono’s left and right signal grounds remain independent when in mono. The aluminum enclosure rest on felt pads.

Once again, this new SUT will typically deliver what you’ve come to expect from the superior MusiKraft sound quality and outstanding craftsmanship. We aim no less than the best and most of all that you reach your musical nirvana with this refined product.


Features and Innovations:

  • Specifically designed for the Denon DL-0103 or 103R LOMC phono cartridge
  • Very wide bandwidth
  • Minimalist and compact approach to maintain pure signals
  • Highly immune to noise
  • Three position ground selector switch
  • Selectable stereo or mono configuration
  • In mono selector position the left and right signal grounds remain fully independent
  • Extremely short internal wire topology
  • Free from any internal jumper or intermittent wire cut
  • Silver soldering throughout
  • 10mm or 7mm wood dock thickness option or without any dock.



  • Material: aluminum
  • Finish: speckled paint
  • Color: matte black
  • Three (3) position ground switch (lift, L+R, L only)
  • Optimal phono cartridge impedance: 10 to 50 Ohms
  • Input impedance: 150 Ohms
  • Gain: 20dB
  • Frequency response (20Hz / 20kHz) : -0.05dB / -0.06 dB
  • Frequency response (82kHz) : -0.1dB
  • SUT case size (LxWxH): 93 x 38 x 54mm
  • Overall external size (LxWxH): 94 x 69 x 59mm
  • Package size (LxWxH): 158 x 106 x 78mm
  • Unit weight: 255g
  • Package weight: 315g


Package includes: 

  • One (1) assembled step-up transformer unit



  • 7mm or 10mm thick wood dock. 


Take in consideration:

  • there are no markings on this SUT version, please refer to the designated picture or the Owner's Manual on how to hook-up the unit.
  • Use short signal cable to minimize induced noise.


For complete details, download the First Series step-up transformer Owner's Manual (PDF - 8 pages).


Product warranty:

From the date of purchase Audio MusiKraft warrants their manufactured goods for one (1) year against defect in materials and craftsmanship only. The warranty does not cover any damage by the owner. Please handle your SUT carefully.

Refer to the Terms & Conditions page for complete information.

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Audio MusiKraft First Series Step-up Transformer (SUT)

  • US$699.00

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