Fidelity Program


Audio MusiKraft’s Fidelity Program explained

In short, what is the Fidelity Program?

The main advantage of being part of this free program is to grant 15% discount to loyal customers. Whether it is for a new cart (First or Nitro Series), a new shell, a motor replacement or an upgraded one, a fix, wood inserts, and as well for any of our services. This program serves to customers requiring to maintain their sonic satisfaction and a high degree of performance for the upcoming years.


Who is entitled to this promotion? It's simple, every returning customer is. A returning customer is a client who has purchased an Audio MusiKraft cartridge or shell kit in the past.


Why such a program?

Bear with us for the explanation and you will understand the full meaning of our philosophy.

We find it important to keep our customers, and take good care of them from day one. In fact, well serving our customers is a daily priority, and we strive to give our best by adopting a friendly passionate to passionate approach. We put our long-term experience at the forefront when you ask us questions about the right product to choose among our diversified options. There is nothing more rewarding for us when we can share our knowledge with our clients. We also believe that the customers should come back to us when they require the right expertise on the product they invested in. 

Firstly, the Audio MusiKraft cartridge is a powerful and unique concept. There are no others like it on the market.

It's important not to be intimidated by its voicing benefits, so to make it perform. The fine-tuning portion and its modular concept are added values to the pack. Our cartridges are "Plug n' Play" if one desires it this way, it's not an absolute necessity to tune it. This said, aside from its modular and  "tunable" features; all our cartridges are top performers right from the start once mounted, obviously one would not fully benefit of its full features without investing a bit of voicing time during the weeks following the installation. 

To better explain the MusiKraft powerful concept, one needs to think out of the box or reprogram ones mind. People tend to compare a cartridge to another. When a customer is buying a MusiKraft, he is not purchasing a single cartridge but rather «many-in-one» in the same package. It's a Plus Value and one of a kind, as there are no competitors up to par. Yes, we can affirm that it's a tremendous advantage for us and for the consumer. Every time a customer purchases a "regular" cartridge, there is a risk that is doesn't fully perform as expected. A MusiKraft cartridge eliminates this risk. Once installed, it is at this moment that the MusiKraft design takes on its full meaning. It insures the user to optimally adjust it once mounted to his tonearm and to fine tune it to "his" personal sonic satisfaction. With any other cartridge brand, one is stuck with the way it sounds. A regular cartridge may be good, but most probably not ideally matched. Whereas with the MusiKraft cartridge you have the power to easily gain up to 25% more satisfaction by tuning it. Additionally, over the time it will afford you the flexibility if ever you require some changes or as per example if one upgrades a component and the system requires re-fine-tuning one of the cartridge adjustments. A MusiKraft cartridge is all about controlling the environment around its very sensitive motor, which usually no one addresses. Purchasing a MusiKraft cartridge is a long-term investment at a very competitive price when you get to think about it because it's meant to last a lifetime.

All in all, we've established this program to value our customers on a long-term basis because we strongly believe in the power of this tunable and modular gem.


How to adhere to the program? 

  • If you already have a MusiKraft web store account, then your Fidelity bonus is already activated, simply login normally and shop now.
  • If you do not already have an account, we invite you to register. It's quick and straightforward.
  • For the customers who purchased through our dealer network, please register as a new MusiKraft web store customer and then contact us, so we can activate your rebate.


Out of which products do one benefit the 15% discount? All products included on the web store except those already on discount, on promotion, or in clearance.


How is the 15% rebate calculated? We take 15% off the merchandise's retail price, excluding the taxes and shipping charge.


Is there a minimum order amount to profit of the discount? No


At which moment do I receive this discount? Once your account is authorized, the displayed price are discounted, so it pays off right away.


Thanks for your business, and we hope you enjoy your Audio MusiKraft cartridge for years to come.


All the best,

Audio MusiKraft Team