Bronze (Br)

The World’s First and Only “Tunable” and "Customizable" Phono Cartridge


 * The wood species above are shown as an example. Depending on your screen setting the colors may differ from the actual picture.


LOMC (Low Output Moving Coil) Phono Cartridges 


For the ultimate experience, the Bronze (Br) alloy cartridge stands out by the lower octaves’ extended bandwidth.  The soundstage foundation is more entrenched. It has a more significant footprint than other metals in upper-bass and lower-midrange tonal levels. One can feel the veracity, the syncopated rhythm and the presence of the midrange’s fundamental notes. The background is noiseless and dark which permits to restore every subtlety. Given its smoother effect on the high-medium and treble, listening with the Bronze (Br) steers the listener in a more passive, less cerebral direction, yet maintaining the right mix of details which results from it playing with grace.


Bronze's sonic signature...

To best compliment the way the Audio MusiKraft cartridge motors are designed, our latest research showed that the ideal metal shell environment to work with was a bronze alloy.

As usual, our primary objective was to provide optimal musical playback. In general, we believe bronze is quite favorable for high-performing audio component construction when introduced in strategic places. Here are two key reasons why we have chosen this mythic alloy in search of specific Sonics. One, for its heavier mass, to better control the arm resonances as well as stimulate the cartridge’s moving coil suspension, and secondly, by providing to the motor the best acoustically sound structure in reference to the proper alloy composition; i.e. copper, lead and tin which are low resonant materials. These supple materials dampen the ringing transmitted back to the generator usually associated with metals and which would translate into distortion. It turns out that bronze is regarded as a durable and ageless material which last millenniums which therefore represents in some way our strong and unique recyclable feature.

In every aspect, our quest for ultimate performance has proven us right.


Which Motor to Choose…

Audio MusiKraft offers two distinct cartridge motors in the First Series: DL-103 and DL-103R.

Mechanically, both motors closely resemble each other. To help distinguish them the external finish on the DL-103R is gold plated. The main difference stems from the DL-103R possessing a higher degree of copper wire purity resulting in a more faithful reproduction. Electrically; the DL-103R has a lower DC resistance so the recommended load is slightly different from each other and the DL-103R  is slightly lower in output voltage than the DL-103.

Essentially the DL-103 is pleasing to listen to, it provides vivid sound which translates to a more «forefront» presentation. It offers more midrange bloom and it confers more presence than the DL-103R.

The listener looking for a more neutral and precise reproduction will prefer the DL-103R version. Subjectively, this one has a flatter frequency response in its entire passband. It has slightly better and refined timbre than the DL-103, especially notable in the mid-range portion; thanks to the use of 6N pure copper wire. Its lower moving coil equipment mass ensures quicker transients.




Using our cartridge requires at least three things:

  1. Medium to high mass tonearm to match these low compliance cartridges (i.e. 10g. and more).
  2. System ready for low output MC cartridges or either using a head amp or a step-up transformer (SUT).
  3. The Bronze (Br) First Series cartridges require a tonearm able to counterbalance 21g.


The Cartridge Includes:

  1. Either one of the two (2) motors: DL-103 or DL-103R;
  2. Offered in a hand-polished mirror finish, 14k gold plated;
  3. One (1) nude tonewood set of your choice among our eight (8) standard selection;
  4. Some tuning tools, a screwdriver, and a screw kit for a trouble-free installation;
  5. A rigid black plastic jewel box.
* The wood grain may differ from the actual picture and depending on your screen setting the colors may differ from the actual picture.


- Take Control Of Your Sound -

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Audio MusiKraft DL-103 Gold Plated Bronze Cartridge

Audio MusiKraft DL-103 Gold Plated Bronze Cartridge


- The world’s first and only “Tunable” and "Customizable" phono cartridge -   This Audio MusiKra..


Audio MusiKraft DL-103R Gold Plated Bronze Cartridge

Audio MusiKraft DL-103R Gold Plated Bronze Cartridge


- The world’s first and only “Tunable” and "Customizable" phono cartridge -   This Audio MusiKra..


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