- The world’s first and only “Tunable” and "Customizable" phono cartridge -


This Audio MusiKraft polished lithium shell is specifically designed for Denon DL-103 or 103R phono cartridges. It can be purchased nude as a starting point and customized to one's preference or as a complete kit with a preinstalled modified cartridge and wood inserts.

The aluminum-lithium variant is used in aerospace and high strength applications requiring low density, high stiffness, superior damage tolerance and excellent corrosion resistance. Lithium additives increase the strength and modulus of the aluminum alloy while lowering its density and the high copper content is a favorable damping property which highly guided our choice. The alloy exhibits very good machining and surface finishing. It is 10% lighter and less prone to oxidize compared to standard aircraft aluminum. The shell will keep a longer lasting mirror finish.

This shell can be fully customized to your musical and/or visual preference.


Shell specifications:

  • Material: Aluminum-Lithium alloy
  • Finish: hand polished
  • Color: mirror
  • Size (LxWxH): 24 x 18 x 4.9mm
  • Shell weight (nude): 3.93g
  • Kit weight (with cart and wood inserts): 11.5g (min.) - 11.9g (max.)
  • Headshell mount: 1/2"
  • Headshell thread: 10 - M2.5 x 0.45
  • Cover depth clearance: 2.2mm (max.) (cover thickness is 2.4mm)
  • Screw Material: 304 stainless steel (all)



The MusiKraft shell comes with its customized jewel box and:

(2) M2.5x3mm Stainless Steel 304 Pan Head Phillips screws for setting on headshell

(1) miniature Phillips screwdriver

(1) 0.7mm Allen hex key

(1) wooden pushrod tool for wood insert retrieval

(1) cotton glove


Options: Wood inserts, wood finishes, extra screws, Denon cartridge or other accessories.



Depending on your tonearm setup, this shell system may require heavier counterweight and a slight modification as of height or VTA compensation.


The wood inserts

Following are the various species of our wood inserts. Our system renders them interchangeable within all the Audio MusiKraft shell models. Each set contains (3) three pieces; one (1) piece for the cover and two (2) for the sides.

For tonality and/or aesthetics we offer twenty four (24) species in the web shop, but seventy (70) more exotic types are available upon request. Download this list or Contact us.


Wood Species Selection Chart (name/density/hardness):

*Take in consideration:

  1. Due to the natural variations in wood grain, its aspect and overall colors may vary depending on your screen settings.
  2. For best fitment, we suggest buying your extra wood sets at the cartridge date of purchase or to send us in your shell if you are looking to upgrade.


Product warranty:

Refer to the Terms & Conditions page.

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Audio MusiKraft polished lithium shell for Denon DL-103

  • US$989.00

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