The World's First and Only «Tunable» and «Customizable» Phono Cartridge


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From the get-go, all our cartridges are built with great care and pride. There are numerous benefits to gain with an Audio MusiKraft once properly installed in your existing analog setup. At the forefront will be a dramatic increase in musical performance, followed by the unique ability to customize the cartridge to tailor the sound and the looks, thanks to our exclusive «Tunable» design.


Think about it

If there is one place most sensitive in your sound system, it is at the tip of your stylus. The cartridge moving system has the delicate and difficult duty to pick up information buried deep in the vinyl groove and converts it into voltage through its internal motor. This voltage, measured in fractions of millivolt is rather weak when compared to the volts at the output of your amplifier and loudspeaker terminals; a non-negligible factor of 10,000 or more. As a consequence, it is important to view your cartridge not only as a generator of great music but also of unrelated and undesired noise, very susceptible from its surroundings through mechanical and acoustic transmission and consequently magnified by the remainder of the audio chain. Therefore the methods to adequately hold in place the generator to reduce and control any external vibrations that could wrongly excite it, equally of having control over sympathetic resonances were also of prime importance in our research. The keyphrase is flexibility for the user.


Aiming No Less Than The Best 

During the development process, our team’s most precious tool is our trained ears. We believe doing better listening test practices where others skim. When Audio MusiKraft goes in we don’t do half-measures so we invested lots of time in designing the First Series of cartridges inspired by the famous Denon DL-103 and lately refining these with the new Nitro Series cartridge kits. Knowing that the internal generator is a very sensitive source, it was necessary to improve the First Series motors to reach the quintessence of our product ; from this was born the Nitro series. Secondly, so the cartridge performs right from start and to simplify the voicing process, each Nitro Series kit includes three (3) pre-selected optimal tonewoods (chosen by us) for you to cover a large musical and sonic spectrum.


Designed For You

Our guiding principle is to allow control over the cartridge performance once in the field. Above all, this innovation eliminates all risk of disappointment when investing in a singular expensive cartridge. Our unique fully tunable concept lets the listener select the most suitable motor, the optimal chassis, the right tonewood amalgam, and the final voicing through strategically positioned fine-tuning micro-setscrews.

Today we are offering you an impeccable product which not only outperforms others but will literally give you a musical and sonic experience within each listening session. Simply put, our many years working in audio is your best guarantee to get a perfectly designed product.


You Will Love It

Additionally, to ensure your long-term satisfaction, the most powerful feature of our «all-in-one» cartridge modular design is lifetime recyclable, allowing you to change pieces whenever you require a sonic improvement, a motor replacement or choosing part upgrades.

Audio MusiKraft now invites you to take control of your sound…



For a list of the numerous advantages and the information on our complete kits, care to read the respective First Series and Nitro Series pages.


- Take Control of Your Sound -