• Administrative Labor Cost (base)
This is the administrative labor cost for ordering aftermarket wood inserts.



For best fitment, we suggest buying your extra wood insert sets at same time of your cartridge date of purchase. The final machining and finish of the wood inserts is done at the end of our process, as in to insure best fitment between shell batch variation. Each wood insert is built to match the exact pocket holes of your shell to within a 0.001" tolerance. In this particular case we will take every effort to match your aftermarket wood sets to your original shell based on its serial number and our database saved measurements. Take into consideration that there may be a slight variation in its size and radius shape if you prefer not sending in your cartridge to us.



No warranty, please refer to the Terms & Conditions page.

If you require a full fitment warranty, please send us in your cartridge.

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Administrative Labor Cost (base)

  • US$75.00

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